Deciding whether a word is difficult or simple is not an easy job. A fairly common name of a chemical may be too easy for a chemist, or an absolute unknown for a musician. That’s why the words are grouped into thematic categories. The “Preview” version comes with 11 categories, such as nouns, verbs, words from Latin, and some more thematic ones such as music and law. We have about 150 categories in preparation, with lots of fun with topics such as medicine, chemistry, mathematics, physics, astronomy, architecture, and similar. We also have some very fun categories such as hoods and ships (we won’t tell you just yet what these are!), or some very narrow ones such as plants, birds, fish, or butterflies.
In the “Preview” version all of the categories are always available to you, but in the full version you will be able to earn or buy more categories.
Before a round starts, you can choose the category to play in that round. The game chooses the category for you if you use the quick play mode from the home screen, but you can still change it if you click the category menu button during the countdown stage.